IIW participants find their own internships, but IIW will assist you in securing one.

Washington, D.C. stands as a dynamic hub for countless offices and organizations that eagerly seek interns across a myriad of disciplines. The breadth of internships extends across numerous sectors, including but not limited to, international relations, foreign policy, national security, economics, health care, social services, law, entertainment, real estate, education, and STEM. A significant number of these organizations revolve around public policy issues, offering an unparalleled insight into the heart of national decision-making processes. These roles typically combine administrative duties with opportunities for substantive tasks. The demand for interns is especially high in the less competitive fall and spring semesters, providing students with ample chances for personalized interactions with internship staff. Conversely, the summer term is notably more competitive due to the large number of applicants.

Where will I intern, and how can I find an Internship?

IIW does not place students in internships, but we assist you in finding a position. We send you announcements about internship openings, notify you of organizations that work in your areas of interest, and review your cover letters and resume as requested. With the abundance of internships in Washington, D.C., there is a high likelihood of getting a job that is a good fit for your career and academic goals. You should expect to apply for at least 20 internships, and possibly more. It is important to start applying for internships as soon as possible. Ideally, you should begin applying for internships well before even applying for IIW. Some employers will make internship hiring decisions a year or more in advance, so you will want to research internship opportunities as early as possible.

Given the competitiveness of D.C. internships, students may need to intern at an office that is not their top choice. And while you may consider interning at a high-profile organization, please keep in mind that smaller organizations often offer internships that are less competitive, and involve more substantive work and opportunities to work one-on-one with staff. A semester performing administrate work for a high-profile organization may not be as helpful and educational as a semester performing more substantive work for a lesser known organization.

Every student who has participated in IIW has found an internship. On occasion, students have found internships after arriving in D.C. Many IIW students intern with members of Congress, often with representatives from Illinois. Members of Congress from other states have also hired IIW students. Beyond Capitol Hill, these are thousands of internships available, especially when it comes to federal agencies and non-profit/advocacy organizations. Internship opportunities are often advertised on websites like, and You can find additional boards listed on our Internship Boards page. When applying for internships, you may want to get feedback from the University of Illinois Career Center about your resume and cover letter and participate in their Mock Interview Program, where you can practice your interviewing skills.

Use the Links to navigate to additional resources for the internship search process

What will my internship schedule be like in Washington?

You will work full-time at your internship site (for example, 9 AM to 6 PM or 8:30 AM to 5 PM).  Internships must start no later than two weeks after the first day of class.  Depending on the semester in which you are enrolled, your schedule would be:

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: Class for PS491 and PS125 meet on Fridays 10 AM-11:30 AM and 1-4 PM, respectively.  Students taking PS321 will also meet one evening a week.  You will work at your internship Monday through Thursday.  Internships must last at least 12 weeks, and at least 30 hours/week.
  • Summer Semesters: Class for PS491 meets one evening each week, 7-9 PM.  You will work at your internship Monday through Friday.  Internships must last at least 10 weeks, and at least 30 hours/week.

You will work directly with your internship provider to set your hours and other working conditions.  Please notify IIW if your internship schedule does not meet IIW requirements so that IIW can determine what adjustments, if any, can be made to accommodate your schedule.