Living in D.C.

COVID-19 Update: As of Spring 2022, IIW is returning to fully in-person. Students will attend classes in-person and live in IIW designated housing. Internships may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid in nature.

IIW Housing

The Aria, NoMa/Capitol Hill North
The Aria

Please visit this page for information about IIW housing in D.C.

Preparing for Departure

You can bring everything with you, shop in DC, and/or ship your belongings to your residence. If shipping, make sure that your belongings will arrive after your expected arrival in Washington addressed to your residence in DC.

What to pack:

  • Bedding: sheets, blankets, pillows (beds are single beds).  WISH provides furniture, single beds and kitchen supplies.
  • Towels
  • Clothes: Please keep in mind that your internships are like jobs, you will need to be prepared to dress professionally. This doesn’t necessarily mean suits, but you should have, for the guys, slacks and dress shirts.  If you are on the Hill, guys will need ties and a jacket.  If you have suits and you are working on the Hill, bring your suits.  Same for gals on the Hill. For the gals, dress is conservative in Washington, no short skirts or low-cut tops, no leggings worn as pants.  Off the Hill, dress is slightly more casual, guys may not have to wear ties and jackets.   If they say casual, that does not mean jeans and t-shirts.

Travel to D.C.

Students are responsible for their own transportation.  There are three airports within easy distance of the city – Reagan/Washington National (closest to your housing), Dulles, and Baltimore Washington International.  You can request a ride from Super Shuttle after landing, or you can make a reservation with them on the web at:  Taxis and Uber should be available at all three airports.  If you fly into National Airport, you can take the Metro (subway) to the Woodley Park metro stop on the Red Line (from National Airport, take the Blue Line north to the Metro Center stop, and then change to the Red Line).  Once you arrive at the Woodley Park metro stop, walk two blocks south to the Woodley Park Center.  Please note that the city is split into four quadrants and that the same street address can exist in different quadrants.  You will be living in the Northwest (NW) quadrant.

Sample Schedule in D.C. (Spring & Fall)

Internship: Monday through Thursday: work at your internship for 5-8 hours/day

Courses: Attend class Friday 10-11:30 AM (PS491) and 1-3:30 PM (PS125); optional course PS321 meets Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM