When should students participate?

Students must complete at least 45 credits prior to the first day of the semester in which they participate in IIW.  Summer internships in Washington, DC are much more competitive than those offered in fall and spring.  In addition, fall and spring internships generally offer a better opportunity to perform substantive assignments and work one-on-one with staff.  Summer internships can be very valuable as well, but they offer a different type of experience than internships offered in fall and spring.  Students who want to participate in IIW during the summer need to begin applying for internships at least five months in advance.  While some internships are not filled until the last minute, the competitiveness of summer internships means that students will want to begin the application process as early as possible.  Fall and spring students should plan to submit at least 15 internship applications.  Summer students should plan to submit at least 25 applications.