PS 321: Principles of Public Policy


This course examines important issues that are relevant to government and public policy. In some semesters, it may focus on one specific public policy issue that is currently of particular interest or concern. Currently, it is taught by Dr. Emery Lee who is a senior research associate at the Federal Judicial Center (FJC), the federal courts’ education and research agency. He joined the FJC in 2006, after a year at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Since 2010, Mr. Lee has served as the FJC liaison to the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, in which capacity he has conducted research on discovery, scheduling, and class actions. He holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt (Political Science, 1996) and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve (2001). In 2001-02, he served as a judicial law clerk to the Hon. Karen Nelson Moore, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Dr. Lee has published in scholarly journals on every level of the federal courts (Supreme Court, courts of appeals, and district courts) as well as on a number of other topics, including the Federalist Papers.

Example Course Assignments

Students will complete a weekly short response paper, give a short presentation, and take a multiple-choice exam. The short paper assignments will be based around the readings/topics of that week, while the short presentation can be on a public policy issue of the student’s choosing.